Laterelle is an Australian leisure-products design company that is changing the way people ‘sit’ on bikes and the way they ride them.

We have made riding a bicycle more enjoyable than ever, by removing the saddle-soreness and back strain from cycling and making pedaling easier.

We spent years researching, developing and market-testing many bike and bike-seat designs, to create Seat Integrated Technology (SIT), removing ‘saddles’ and integrating a ‘lateral support’ bike seat into a ‘posture setting’ bike, for the first time in history.

Our initial ‘Cruiser’ model proved up the benefits of this design breakthrough. It
brought many people in the ‘easy riding’ sector ‘back to biking’, after they had sworn off ever riding a bike again due to the saddle-soreness and back strain they suffered when riding a traditional bike.

Now, we are now on the way to releasing a complete range of Laterelle SIT Design bike models, which all have matching ‘lateral support’ seats, including City Bikes, Recreational, Juvenile, Trekking, Touring, Super-Lightweight, Road and Exercise Bikes.

All of these models will have the benefits of SIT design, which is leading bicycle and bike-seat design into a whole new era.

The first of the new model releases will be released during 2013. You can keep track of the exact release dates by Signing Up for our Updates.

For those people wishing to retain their current bike for the present, we suggest you see our Refresh Your Bike section and gain as much healthy support and comfort as possible from your current bike.